Skin Pigmentation Causes And Treatments

Skin Pigmentation Causes And Treatments

It’s normal to sit there and just pick on every single imperfection you might see, but in the midst of all of that, it is more important to understand your imperfections, why you have them and how you can maintain these issues in the right way. The best tool is education and whilst learning why and what is wrong, you soon learn to love why it’s there! Instead of dwelling on your flaws, you’ll move forward with more knowledge and a strong passion for who you are!

An issue that usually arises when coming into our cosmetic clinic is skin pigmentation. A very common imperfection that can affect anybody and everybody. But before we go on to the beneficial treatments, it is crucial to wrap our heads around the skin pigmentation causes and how we can go about this, as skin pigmentation can affect everyone differently.


What is Skin Pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation, also known as the medical term hyperpigmentation is known to be the darker patches of the skin. This can occur on small patches, large patches and different areas of the body, it all just depends. As there are several different types of pigmentation it is important to find out what you might be suffering from. We are happy to assist as best as we can in a free consultation.


The 4 Most Common Skin Pigmentation Causes

  • Sun exposure: From the excess to the sun over time, this can create these pigmentations.
  • Skin inflammation: A common cause of this type is acne, from which both prior injury or inflammation pigmentation may occur.
  • Melasma: Due to the natural hormonal changes faced by young women and women during pregnancy the hyperpigmentation is common to occur.
  • Certain medications

Within the most common skin pigmentation causes, the excess production of melanin is the most prevalent cause. As melanin is a pigment within the body that produces colour to the skin, this skin cell called melanocytes is produced.

When different factors are stopping the product of melanocytes the pigmentation begins throughout the body’s skin. With an underlining result of hyperpigmentation being the result of an increased level of the hormone to the body resulting in increased melanin synthesis. This needs to be balanced to prevent.


Simple Skin Pigmentation Treatments

However, when asking yourself how can I prevent this pigmentation we learn to know the extent to this can be done. The main factors can include:

  • Using sunscreen daily
  • Avoiding the sun at its strongest UV range
  • Wearing hats and clothing that can cover your skin
  • Avoiding the outside unless needed

By sticking to these simple steps, can quite definitely prevent the pigmentation on your skin from getting worse, however not remove the issue altogether.

This is where we come in at Shift Cosmetic Clinics to tailor all your needs. Here at Shift Cosmetic Clinics, we focus on getting rid of pigmentation to ensure a younger, brighter and more even complexion. The pigmentation removal that we offer will aim to reduce and remove any skin issues you may have.

Do you want to find out how our Skin Pigmentation Treatments work? For more information on how we find your skin pigmentation causes, how the treatment works, what products we use and amazing before and after pictures – click here!

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