Liquid Facelift

Want to restore loss of volume and improve the appearance of wrinkles and folds? Our liquid facelift treatment is perfect for you

Affordable Liquid Facelift Sydney

Liquid Facelift Sydney

Not ready for a surgical face lift? Perhaps too young or simply afraid of the scalpel? Wondering what the non – surgical alternatives are there on the market?

Look no further as we offer a great non-surgical solution with a very high safety profile! We are talking about a “liquid facelift” using dermal filler to revolumize the face for mild to moderate cases. This is not a solution for severe cases that require surgery instead. You will be impressed at the difference our liquid facelift Sydney treatment can make.

Popular Areas For Treatment

At Shift Cosmetic Clinics, our liquid lift Sydney treatment can help reduce sagging of the face by revolumising areas of the face that have lost their youthfulness. The most common areas we treat with thread lifts include:


Liquid Facelifts

Benefits of Liquid Facelifts

Natural Looking Results

“Liquid face lift” despite the amount of product that needs to be used creates beautiful and natural results.

We Work With You

We will plan with you and we will disclose all possible side effects and complications. We want you to make a well understood informed decision. 


We take safety very seriously. We have performed thousands of treatments and to this date we can proudly say that none of our clients has experienced vascular compromise, allergic reactions or infections.

Book Your Consultation Today

We recommend booking a consultation with us so we can help you select the right treatment for your circumstances and desired goals.

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Alessandra is fantastic.She’s lovely, friendly, organised and very ethical. She’s the best injectables person I have ever had. So glad I have found her.
Alessandra is the BEST OF THE BEST in the business! Alessandra completely transformed my lips and always made sure I was super comfortable and happy. She put so much of her time and effort in the progress for me to get the best outcome that I am so happy with. I started with having no top lip to now having natural full looking lips. The clinic is so beautiful and very welcoming! I feel so lucky to have met Alessandra as she is so skilled and knowledgeable and also such fun to chat too as well! I will now never trust anyone else but Alessandra to touch my face :) x
Alessandra is definitely the best cosmetic injector I have been too. I’ve been getting anti wrinkle injections for over 15 years and recently discovered Shift. Definitely recommend.
Alessandra is the only person I will let near my face. She is highly knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She always produces amazing results. The new clinic is absolutely gorgeous!
I loved my experience at Shift Cosmetic Clinic. I’m so grateful I found Alessandra, she is skilled, knowledgeable and wonderful. I enjoyed my treatment, it was pain free and the result is beautiful, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see her again🫶🏻
Alessandra is phenomenal! Great experience at Shift and will definitely be recommending to friends. Beautiful, quaint salon that is warm and welcoming. Treatments galore, and Alessandra is the loveliest technician in Sydney!
Accurate and knowledgeable expert injector her technique is next to none, thank you for always taking good care of me!
I had an incredible experience at Shift. Alessandra is so warm and welcoming, and she truly went above and beyond to listen to what I was after, and executed it perfectly. Her professionalism and trust-worthiness eased all the anxiety I had prior to coming in for an appointment. Her prices are great and her skills are like no other. The clinic is also so beautiful. :)
The best injector ever, I seriously can’t think of anyone better. Alessandra is so trustworthy and honest with her work. Her service is 10/10! I look forward to always having my injectables done. Xxxx
Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid Facelift Treatment Sydney

Dermal fillers made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) have one of the highest safety profile when compared to other types of fillers, including permanent fillers. HA is a sugary chain that is usually found in your body, hence why the chances of your body reacting to it are extremely low.

It ranges from person to person. For a quote please book a consultation and everything will be explained to you in detail.

Discomfort is minimal most of the time rated 2 out of a 10 scale with 10 being the worst pain ever experienced. We will be making sure that the whole liquid facelift Sydney procedure is carried in the most painless way.

With our liquid facelift Sydney procedure, the fillers used can last up to 18 months however yearly touch ups are recommended.

  • Avoid physical exercise for 24hours
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior and post treatment
  • Avoid aspirin (unless medically prescribed) and Nurofen for 48 hours before and after treatment
  • Do not massage the area
  • Avoid makeup and dirty brushes for 24 hours post treatment
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Healing can take up to 3 weeks during this time you will be able to feel the filler before it will integrate with the surrounding tissue.
  • Initially the look will be quite sharp then it will soften giving beautiful curves to the face.
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