Looking for reliable and affordable dermal fillers to enhance your best features or replace lost volume in your face?

Safe & Effective

Only TGA Approved Products

Immediate Results

Lasts 6-24 months

Best Dermal Fillers Sydney
Best Dermal Fillers Sydney


Dermal fillers are made of a natural molecule that is naturally found in the body. They represent an extremely powerful method to restore loss of volume, skin tone and to give a glamorous touch to the young population. There is no doubt that fillers can literally take off years from your face by restoring volume that we naturally lose with time.

Our dermal fillers Sydney treatments are very popular for many reasons:


Our specialised doctors have years of experience in cosmetics


We will create a fully customised treatment program to suit you


We only use the best skincare technologies and products


Results-focused, providing effective treatments and post-care support


We've helped hundreds of clients with our exceptional dermal fillers treatment

Cheek Dermal Fillers Before & After
Cheek filler 5 ml
Russian Lips
Profile harmonisation 4 ml


We recommend booking a consultation to select the right treatment for you


Looking for the best dermal fillers in Sydney? At Shift Cosmetic Clinics, we use high-quality dermal fillers, enabling for greater control and more lasting and natural results. Our dermal fillers Sydney treatments have helped many clients smooth away lines and wrinkles

Dermal fillers can be applied in your lips, chin, cheeks, smile lines, hollows under your eyes, and any fine lines on your face. They are also great for treating depressed acne scars and aged hands. Call us now to determine the best procedure for your desired goals.

Our dermal fillers Sydney treatment lasts 6 to 10 months for soft to medium fillers and up to 24 months for thick fillers. To know whether you’d better suit soft to medium fillers or thick fillers, schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 0450 898 955.

Dermal filler prices vary depending on the type of syringe you’ll need for your goals are areas you want to target. To view our dermal fillers cost, visit our price list. We recommend you book a consult with our registered nurse first for an accurate assessment and dermal filler quote.

No, we love natural! Unfortunately we see walking down the street only poorly done jobs as the good ones are undetectable. Choice of filler, technique and combinations are tailored to the individual.

It is extremely subjective to the individual and the area treated. However, most people tolerate extremely well the treatment and rate the discomfort as minimal.

Bruising and swelling are the two most commonly experienced side effects. Treated areas can be also tender for up to one week. 

YES, we provide dermal fillers Sydney treatments to men too! The most common treatment requested by men is a more masculine jawline. Ideally the jaw width should match the width of the cheeks. 

No, we use only temporary fillers. In case of complications or if you do not like the results the filler can be completely dissolved. 

Straight after treatment swelling is present and the area may appear more dramatic than what will be in 4 weeks time. At least two weeks are needed for the swelling to completely settle while the product can take up to six weeks to integrate with the surrounding tissue. Please allow your body to heal if you cannot do this then you cannot qualify for this treatment. 

Filler choice depends on the tissue we are trying to mimic. Generally speaking we use thick fillers to mimic the bone and softer fillers to fill folds and lines. For instance, if we want a sharp jawline or high cheek bones we will need to use a thick filler with high lifting capacity. To enhance or hydrate lips we need a softer filler to obtain natural results. For more dramatic lips we use medium to thick fillers. 

During consultation we will follow a Total Face Approach where we will look at skin quality, facial shape and curves. We will then identify ‘key distractors’ such as lines, folds ad hollowing and overall facial proportions. After the assessment you will be given a plan to achieve the most natural results over time.

IMPORTANT: to maintain optimal facial proportions a one-off isolated treatment is highly discouraged as it can result in poor outcome.

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