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Artfully blending aesthetics techniques, Shift Cosmetic Clinics gifts you a chance to start anew.

Gain relief from the signs of ageing by receiving comprehensive and long-lasting targeted treatment. Enter back into the world with enhanced natural elegance.

Our sought-after signature style is a result of our intimate approach toward our clients. By making your needs the centre of our universe, we help you uncover your new self.


Face the future with refined elegance

Unlined foreheads, bagless eyes and supple skin. What’s the secret to remaining ageless? No one is invincible to the ticking clock of time. And as the years pass, we change. We presume celebrities to be immune from ageing, however, they are just masters at hiding the inevitable process. The good news is these types of treatments aren’t only reserved for the VIP in this world.

Research ties a well-kept appearance to higher self-esteem, a more joyful outlook on life and an effortless approach to relating to others. It’s certainly true that the standout feature of our body is our face. Your face is responsible for emotional expression, how you view yourself and how others see you.

Preserving facial volumes and the prevention of lines play a key role in creating a more youthful look at Shift Cosmetic Clinics. A naturally younger presence can be achieved as a result of ongoing facial interventions over a period of time.

After performing hundreds of treatments, we began to understand it takes a sophisticated, yet delicate approach to get back to youth. The initial consultation and plan must be comprehensive to execute the desired result for each patient. By adopting a method of impeccable selection combining refined techniques, our bold approach to beauty has served our patients well. Our Sydney skin clinic clients receive unmatched results unique to own genetic makeup.

Men and women of all ages can take advantage of our beautifying treatments. Our patients trust in our expertise to take control of their  appearance. We are a sanctuary where clients can return over and over again to remove negative feelings and enter back into the world refreshed. 

Our skin clinic Sydney services aren’t designed for just a one-off experience. Integrating expert care in our approach to wellness guarantees your face will thrive till the end of time.


Our specialised doctors have years of experience in cosmetics


We will create a fully customised treatment program to suit you


We only use the best skincare technologies and products


Results-focused, providing effective treatments and post-care support


Alessandra Burgio - Shift Cosmetic Clinics


Alessandra earned her Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree in Rome, Italy and her Bachelor of Nursing at University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Having built her career in the cosmetic industry since 2017, Alessandra has worked full-time alongside renowned cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons in clinics around Brisbane and Sydney.

As a board-certified registered nurse specialised in non-surgical cosmetic medicine, Alessandra has mastered different techniques originating from Europe and South America. With a steadily growing clientele of over a thousand patients served, Alessandra has worked tirelessly, ensuring each client is thoroughly educated and satisfied with their treatment.


Alessandra’s objective is providing first-rate treatment by applying her extensive experience to help her patients feel their best. She aims to empower men and women to take control of their appearance.

Strong client trust is at the centre of Alessandra’s Sydney skin clinic. Cultivating strong relationships comes as second nature.

Exploring the benefits, risks and alternative treatments, her clients feel at ease with knowledge about how to best approach their needs.

It’s possible to look great, without looking fake. Experience a holistic approach when it comes to your consultation, treatment plans and service at our Sydney skin clinic. 

It’s easier to rely on brand names and to lose sight of who’s holding the syringe. An artist can transform anything and everything to be delightful and far beyond, transcending the form by what it once was.

Experience an outcome you thought was not possible with Shift Cosmetic Clinics, book your consultation by calling 0450 898 955.

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