How To Make Lip Fillers Last Longer

How To Make Lip Fillers Last Longer

So you bite the bullet and finally get your lip’s done after all that time of umming and arring. I bet you have no regrets! But of course, you have a million questions and can’t seem to remember them all at the one time. Besides the most common questions of maintenance, after effects and any other important questions, you may ask yourself “How to make lip fillers last longer?”. We all ask ourselves that because man, that wasn’t cheap! Stay tuned, because we list you with all the best things to ensure your lips are staying plumped and hydrated for days on end.


DO AS YOUR TOLD – Follow Your After Care Treatment

This is rule number 1 and is the secret key. No-one knows better than your cosmetician! After you have your procedure you will be provided with the after care treatment on your lip fillers. This my friend will be your ultimate BIBLE!



You may ask yourself, what does this have to do with any of it? As crazy as it might seem, the way you treat your body will be the way your body reacts. If you are not filling your body with good foods, this can cause inflammation in the body which could lead to breaking down your fillers much quicker.


STAY COOL BABY – Don’t Stress

Stress can be a struggle in everyone’s life, whether it is personal, work or anything that may take a strain! But if we tell you to keep it cool after your first injection, we mean it! Studies have shown that the extra hormones that your body produces when you’re stressed can actually cause filler to break down more quickly. So tell everyone to back off cause you want the pouting game to be on fleek! Some self care activities we suggest to help you distress include bathing, meditation, reading, and even going for a stroll.


PRESSURE CONTROL – Don’t Sleep On Your Face

As simple as it sounds, your lips need to adhere to the fillers in your lips. Whenever your body is accepting change, it is important not to put too much pressure on it as it is still coming to its senses to accept what is happening. As you will be experiencing bruising and swelling, it is important to let your lips relax and not to touch or put too much pressure on them as they need to recover. Fillers, especially thick cohesive one, should be thought as if they have the consistency of dough, which can be molded easily. That’s why we suggest not to massage the area and to avoid sleeping on your face.


THINK AHEAD SISTER – Book Your Next Appointment

Our final tip on ‘how to make lip fillers last longer’ is being consistent with your follow ups. In order to keep your lips looking as juicy and plump as the inspo picture you showed us, you need to keep up to date with your appointments. Generally, we say to book in every (6-8 months, depending on filler used) as overtime your lips will deflate slowly, naturally. However, depending on the size you want, may need several treatments spaced one month apart for healing and to build your desired size.


In common retrospect, we can do all these tips and tricks on how to make lip fillers last longer, but it is important to acknowledge that lips will still need topping up after a certain amount of time. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be pouting non-stop with your perfect new lips!

For any more extra advice on how to make lip fillers last longer, please contact us here.

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