Celebrities Who Have Had A Thread Lift

Celebrities Who Have Had A Thread Lift

In all-natural circumstances, we never like to admit that the push to most beauty purchases, procedures or pampering can somewhat be influenced by the social media in front of us.

We like to feel confident and beautiful, and that is the key reason why we love to go and spend that money and time on enhancing our overall facade. Whether that be getting your nails painted, hair dyed or lips topped up, it is crazy to think there is something for everything!

Celebrities tend to be the first to try these mystifying beauty methods quite simply due to them having more access to doctors and clinics and of course all the money they have! Needless to say, as members of this society, we tend to pick up our phones and search for different celebrities who have had a thread lift or celebrities who have had other specific cosmetic treatments before going ahead with the all-clear. We often do this to gain confidence, clarity and of course to see how hot we will look!

A Thread Lift is one of the many procedures that you might have heard about, or for most have no idea what that might be. But in this case, this is the perfect example of something that could easily become quite more ‘well-known’ as soon as one of our favourite celebs jumps on board and we hear about it over social media or even on a news outlet.


List of Celebrities who have had a Thread Lift

If you are looking for celebrities who have had a thread lift and why it has become so increasingly common it is because Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Gwyneth Paltrow have allegedly had it done (they look amazing).

Why did they get it? Just to name a few reasons to get a thread lift, the recovery times, no scarring, natural-looking results and the lower cost all come with it. All I hear is tick, tick, tick!


Sydney Thread Lift Before & After


What is a Thread Lift?

Never fear, Shift Cosmetic Clinics is here to educate you on what a thread lift is! A Thread Lift is basically a type of cosmetic procedure which allows the patient to have a more natural facelift in comparison to doing the full surgical procedure. This is a lot more affordable, less painful and can be applied for various facial areas if you’re in need of rejuvenation!

This procedure uses temporary sutures to produce a natural ‘lift’ in your skin to prevent sagging in the face. Instead of removing the patient’s loose facial skin surgically (like what is done in a facelift), this procedure instead means the cosmetic surgeon will apply suture material to lift and reposition any dropping in the face! This tends to last for about 1- 3 years.


As much as we don’t like to admit it, who doesn’t want to look like Kim K? She is a total icon, and at her age looking incredible. This procedure is for women who are wanting to feel more confident as they age but still recognizing the other factors that come into play when proceeding with any cosmetic procedure.

Want a consultation to see how a thread lift could change your appearance? Don’t hesitate, just contact us here.

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