I have to say it took me almost an entire year before I decided to actually book my appointment. I have naturally thin lips and I have always been very self conscious about it. I was also extremely concerned about getting results that I often see walking down the street or on television. It really does take courage sometimes to even consider cosmetic treatments. Anyway I decided to have at least a consultation with Alessandra and the first thing I noticed about her was the natural look she has which gave me straight away the confidence in her aesthetic eye. She explained every detail of the procedure and why she recommended a particular approach rather than the other. I also appreciated the priority she gave to safety in fact despite me wanting to do the treatment on the same day she was recommending to take a cooling off period of a week to think through what I was going to do. However, as I mentioned it took me one year to make a move, my mind was made up and her professionalism gave me the reassurance I needed so we agreed on the same day treatment. I am so thrilled with my results, I could not be more happy. My partner and parents, who are naturally very conservative, are so happy about my new sets of lips, they look so natural. Who sees me for the first time could not guess I had work done and that is what I wanted!
Isabella B.


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